TV News for 3-9-17: AHS, ANIMAL KINGDOM, OITNB And More

The seventh season of American Horror Story is going to tackle this year's presidential election. Now THAT is going to be a freak show of a season!

Animal Kingdom premieres its second season on TNT on Tuesday, May 30th. If you liked Sons of Anarchy, this is that, but on a different level of gritty.

Chelsea second season will be available from Netflix starting April 14th.

Goliath was renewed for a second season by Amazon.

Legion - Are you watching. It was weird but engaging all at once. Check out my TV review over on Brusimm.

Did you know that Orange Is The New Black topped the charts for streaming shows last year? It averaged just over 23 million viewers. It's a fun show, though I get constantly confused when it gets referred to as a comedy. Sure, it has a chuckle here and that, but it's a prison-life drama.

Outlander is set to return for its third season on Starz in September.

Powerless is a show I WILL NOT waste my time watching. I checked out a few episodes and felt it was a pretty lame effort. See my TV barf-view of it on Bruismm. 

Southern Charm opens its fourth series on Bravo, on Monday, April 3rd.

Taken, is a show you should NOT waste your time on. Egads. I've heard it called boring, and I've called it a hollow feeling show. it just did not pull me in for any reason. See my TV review of it over on Brusimm. 

Tangled got a second season order from Disney Channel.

The Royals gets a fourth season nod from E!

See what came out on Netflix this month.

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