THE WALKING DEAD, Who Was Bernie Wrightson?

At the end of the season finale episode  of The Walking Dead, titled "The First Day of the Rest of Your Life," we saw a memorial saying,

"In Memory of Bernie Wrightson"

Who was Bernie Wrightson?

Sadly, he passed, losing his battle to brain cancer.

Turns out that Mr. Wrightson was very influential in the world of comics and some movies. He was a comic book illustrator who was known for being the co-creator of the DC comic character Swamp Thing. He also worked on other projects like Creepshow, Ghostbusters, Galaxy Quest, and Land of the Dead.

When the hell will we ever start getting a grip on cancer? We have the resources but as a society, we don't seem to have the laser beam focus necessary to beat this crap.

One day... we can hope, right?

{ EW }

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