Cheryl Burke has taken over the reigns of Dance Moms after Abby Lee Miller, in the middle of her fraud case, up and quit the show, blaming the producers were maligning her. (Because, you know, they made her now report her show income and then they made her try to hide her income... allegedly.)


Bull will get Eliza Dushku on the cast. She'll be showing up on May 9th.

Growing Up Bates has had a sixth season ordered by UP TV.

Humans was renewed by AMC for a third season. If you have't seen this show, you need to. It's pretty good and sucks you right in. The show explores the premise of artificial intelligence and robotics, as they start becoming self-aware. DO they have rights or are they just machines? The seasons are shorter than a most TV shows, so there's very little fluff involved and all story. It's riveting and I can't get enough of it.

Santa Clarita Diet was renewed by Netflix for a second season, the series stars Timothy Olyphant (Justified) and Drew Barrymore (Blended).

Spike TV Renewed Ink Master for a 10th season

The Knick was cancelled by Cinemax. (Not enough skin?)

The Mindy Project was renewed for a sixth season by Hulu, but this will be its last season.

Time After Time was cut by ABC.

Uh ho... Fox cut four episodes off of this season of Lucifer, making it an 18 episode season this year. Supposedly this will make their third season a 26 episode season, but to be honest, really? Usually seasons get cut short when a show is underperforming. And to come out and blatantly say that their third season will have more episodes than any show, ever, well, ouch, I feel the pain with the lubricants!

John Leguizamo is joining the new series, Waco, which is a six-part event based on that 51-day standoff involving the ATF raid on a religious sect some years ago in Waco, Texas.

So far to date, CBS has renewed a bunch of shows...

“The Big Bang Theory,”
“Blue Bloods,”
"Criminal Minds,"
“Hawaii Five-O,”  (Will this be McLoughlin's last season?)
“Kevin Can Wait,”
“Life in Pieces,”
“Madam Secretary,”
“Man With a Plan,”
“NCIS: Los Angeles,”
“NCIS: New Orleans,”
“Scorpion,”  (Holy crap, this is coming back? Gawd)
“Superior Donuts,”
“48 Hours” and
“60 Minutes.”

Here are the CBS season finale dates (Unless they've already come and gone, in which case, all I can say is that I am but a man, a lone, solitary man who does not have enough time!  LOL.)

-“MacGyver” (April 4)
-“Ransom” (April 5) This show is expected to get canned.
-“2 Broke Girls” (April 17)
-“Blue Bloods” (May 5)
-“Kevin Can Wait” (May)
-“Superior Donuts” (May 8)
-“Criminal Minds” (May 10)
-“The Big Bang Theory” (May 11)
-“The Great Indoors” (May 11)
-“Mom” (May)
-“Life in Pieces” (May 11)
-“Hawaii Five-O” (May 12)
-“NCIS: Los Angeles” (May 14)
-“Man With a Plan” (May 15)
-“Scorpion” (May 15)
-“NCIS” (May 16)
-“NCIS: New Orleans” (May 16)
-“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” (May 17)
-“Undercover Boss” (May 19)
-“Training Day” (May 20) industry expects don't think this show is coming back.
-“Madam Secretary” (May 21)
-“Elementary” (May 21)
-“Bull” (May 23)
-“Survivor” (May 24)
-“The Amazing Race” (June 1)

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