12 MONKEYS, TRAINING DAY Review, Sweeney, Fear Factor and More

12 Monkeys comes back on Syfy on May 19th.

If you're an Alison Sweeney fan, you might be happy to know she's reprising her role of Sami on Days of Our Lives.

Bloodline, on Netflix, becomes available for streaming on May 26th. This will be its third and final season.

Fear Factor is returning to a new network, as it will premiere on May 30th on MTV. If anyone remembers the show it challenged contestants with physical and emotional challenges. It varied from driving cars to eating creepy things.

Fear The Walking Dead got itself renewed for yet another season by AMC. To be honest, I sort of don't care about the characters and their situations. I'm not sure why it never really grabbed me, but I just don't care. The first show is doing a great job giving me my zombie apocalypse fix. Everything else is just a pandering copy.

If you're a Food Porn fan, (boy that didn't sound right), season two will be premiering on FYI on May 14th.

Imposters got renewed for a second season on Bravo.

Orange Is The New Black is coming back on June 9th. Believe it or not, this Netflix series is pretty good, giving characters you would not think have any merit, show the depths of which their circumstances takes them.

Outsiders was cancelled by WGN

RuPaul's Drag Race was renewed by VH1 for a 10th season.

The Arrangement got a second season nod from E!

The Magicians got magically renewed by Syfy for a third season. It will be a 13 episode order.


Training Day, starring the late Bill Paxton.

I started collecting the episodes of Training Day on my DVR to watch at a later time. After I got about eight episodes on my machine, I started watching it and to be honest, it was a slow, predictable start, but as the episodes ticked off, it became more engaging. Unlike most shows, this one kicked off with basic story then used various episodes to slowly develop its characters. It was well done that way. A real rarity these days.

And it was so sad to watch Bill Paxton in his last role ever.

Unfortunately the slow start didn't help the TV ratings for the show, and it found itself getting moved to Saturday nights to run out the season. It averaged 3.7 million viewers for the season so far. The question is, will it be renewed any way, despite the low ratings and the passing of Bill Paxton?

My guess is no. Some of the cast seem to already on different or new projects, so there's that. Plus with Bill Paxton's passing, well, I can't see the show going on.


The show picks up 15 years after the events in the movie this show is based off of.  It follows Detective Frank Rourke (Bill Paxton), the head of a special unit that hunts down dangerous criminals, doing so in a questionable light. The upper brass decides to try to get some dirt on Rourke by assigning an undercover cop as his trainee hoping that Kyle Craig (Justin Cornwell) can get this info on him. But with each successive episode, the lines blur for Kyle as he starts to appreciate Rourke's motivations.

It became a good show. Too bad it probably won't carry on.

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