TIMELESS Was Uncancelled!

Earlier this week, NBC announced that they had cancelled Timeless. Now, as the week came to a close, it seems that they changed their minds (or were convinced) and announced that it got a second season renewal.  I mean, were they reading the right announcement cards?  (ALA The Oscars snafu!)

The renewal seems to have come at a slight price. Word is that the show will probably come back in a summer time slot of 2018, with 10 episodes. Which, for some shows that don't pull the big ratings numbers, summer is the perfect fit as filler. Plus the fans love their summer shows.

It seems it saw redemption from the cancellation axe-man when the showrunners pitched a more family-friendly tone to a second season. Well that, and they promised NBC a much larger chunk of their profits. I mean, money always talks bigger than anything else, when it comes to costs, return on investments, etc..

So I updated my renewed and cancelled lists, but thought I'd toss this out there here too, just as a heads up.

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