By now, we're used to three things when it comes to a Transformers film.  Wait... four things.

1: It will be Michael Bay's last TF film.
2: The story will be adequate, but there will be haters.
3: Lots of eye-bending carnage. In fact, almost too much carnage that goes on and on.
4: Critics will trash on it.

And judging from the critics out there, this is the worst Transformers movie to date!

(Quickie update: The critics aren't wrong when they say it's a jumble of a story but it is your standard TF film, and isn't quite as bad as they make it out to be... IF you're a franchise fan, you'll be fine. I was fine with the bucks I spent seeing it. A more in-depth review to follow.)

Normally I don't believe critics because they're geared towards the more serious, non-popcorn kind of films in their realm of movie reviewing. Fine, I get that. But then I turned to critics that I've come to trust over the years and even they are trashing on Transformers: The Last Knight.

Here's a few quotes:

So much incoherent noise that you'll want to bang your head on the seat in front of you just to get some rest.

It's hard to imagine anyone reading, let alone writing, the script and believing that it made any sort of sense at all.

True fans probably don't need the tangled universe of good versus evil explained to them: Bionic aliens rumble; ancient monuments crumble; guys in the middle of robot Armageddon deliver wry one-liners. That's just what you do when things go boom.

The newest alien robot film is sitting at 16% on the Rotten Tomatoes scale, when I last looked.

As far as the critics I trust, well, they didn't have anything glowing to say about it either, and I usually depend on them to ward me off or guide me into the theaters. In one review at Io9, they spell out a lot of what happens and to be honest, if you head off to read their description of the film, it's a disappointing warning, if anything.

This is the short of it:

These two are the spelled out versions, which have spoilers to a degree:


That's a bummer because I was sort of looking forward to it.

So yes, Bay said this is his last TF film. He is also quoted as to saying this is the jumping off spot for the rest of the upcoming films. OMG! Seriously?

If you didn't look at the reviews, they pretty much spell out that it's a thin and incomprehensible story. And there's a ton of carnage throughout. And franchise fans are used to that to some degree, but this one seems worse for the ware than most of the films.

Now if you like those kinds of things, then you're in luck and go enjoy yourself. Trust me, I get it because I usually like Transformers movies to one degree or another. Though even the last one had way too long of a drawn out third-act/battle scene. I still may go check it out, but no promises.

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