SHAZAM, CASTELVANIA, CLAWS And A Ciname Static Thought Bit

Beat Shazam got a renewal nod from Fox for a 2nd season.

Castlevania was renewed by Netflix for a second season.

Claws gets a 2nd season order from TNT.


I just caught a headline from a site trying to delve into why summer television has dismal ratings. To be honest, if you do the math, and past Nielsen ratings reviews, summer has ALWAYS been the traditional ratings slump session of the year. Everyone is out playing, going on vacations, and what not. So they have less free time to sit in front a TV and suck in the mind-sink entertainment. This is why the fodder of drama tends to come out during the summer. They're shows that don't need a huge ratings edge, don't compete against other heavy-hitters in the ratings world, and is just all around, a bit cheaper to produce.

'Nuff said.

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