SUPERNATURAL Spinoff & FARGO - Returning Or Not?

Supernatural is headed into its 12th season next season one of the episodes next season will be a "backdoor" pilot for a spinoff series, potentially called The Wayward Sisters.

The backdoor episode will focus on actress Kim Rhodes character, Sheriff Jody Mills and a group of, well, yes, troubled women, who have all been orphaned by some kind of supernatural tragedy.

Mills will herald the women together into a team of monster fighting women!

Of course, we'll be granted appearances by other Supernatural characters. Who, we don't know yet, but this could be a promising series. At least more promising than that last attempt at a spinoff. The difference here feels like they've committed more time and energy into telling us more about her over the last few seasons, so she has some traction in our minds.

It does not hail from Eric Kripke or Sera Gamble, but rather, Supernatural writers and producers, Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer. I hope they bring that special sort of subliminal fun to the new show.


Fargo has come and HAPPILY, gone.

The third season of Fargo has come and gone, and to be honest, it had me saying W.T.F? And not the good kind of WTF, that kept me watching, but the other kind, where I let it accumulate in my DVR but I have yet to watch any of it.

The first two seasons of Fargo were clever, witty, quirky and odd, but in the best kind of light. But this third season, despite the allure of the cast, just made so little sense that I swear, we were watching an extension of Sense8... except, at least that did make sense in the story it was trying to send out.

The ratings this season were down eight percent, because they basically alienated viewers, to the point that they were only averaging 1.2M folks in the live plus seven day numbers.

So good riddance to this piece of WTF drama.

If this show returns, I hope they get their shit together and get the quirk and fun back in the bones of the show. I mean seriously, when the highlight of the season was when a man gets murdered by a falling window air-conditioner unit, you know something is wrong.  (But that was a worthy moment, that's for sure!)


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