THOR RAGNAROK Official Trailer Came Out At Comic-Con

The next trailer for Thor Ragnarok was released by Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con, and to be honest, it does continue the preview of the first one with more info or teaser-like content.

Let's be honest though...  is Thor Ragnarok a lazy sequel? Marvel made a third Thor film with one of the more desired story-lines from the Marvel universe, Planet Hulk.

Meh, who cares, right? At least I put it out there.

Of course, Disney is doing what it usually does with trailers, and it's pouring out a few of what seems like story spoilers from the film... what's new.

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  1. So disappointed in this, i liked it less after watching this than after the 1st trailer.

    I will make sure to avoid the trailers from now on so I may still want to see the movie.

    1. Yea, they're combining some new THOR story with PLANET HULK, a very popular title. I'm not sure how much of PLANET HULK will be in the film, considering what else they're showing in the story. And yea, DISNEY spoils or markets the crap out of things like this and can be discouraging.


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