AHS, H50, X-FILES Casting Bits

Rumors have it that Lena Dunham will be appearing in the next season of American Horror Story. (Well, the show creator tweeted it, but I like to see more concrete press than that to make it a firm bit!  Call me paranoid.)

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Comedy Central is finishing off @Midnight, with the last episode that aired on August 4th, being their last. Both the network and host Chris Hardwick mutually concurred this last episode was to be the series finale.


Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale will be replacing Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park in Hawaii Five-0. Not literally, perse, but with two characters exiting the series, two new characters will show up.  Kim and Park exited the show after not finding the best deal during contract disputes.


FYI: The Hunt with John Walsh moved from CNN to HLN, effective July 30th. So if you lost track of the show or thinking you're losing it, you're not.


Did you know that Trading Spaces is returning? And that Paige Davis will be returning to host!


Mitch Pileggi must not have much work coming his way. He's signed a deal to return to the upcoming 10-episode revival of X-Files.

To be honest, I was totally looking forward to last season's revival, especially when Chris Carter promised/hinted/suggested in some of his press that the Peacocks were going to come back. But they did not. Plus, they had an awesome opportunity to take this franchise in a totally new and fresh direction, but instead, they went straight back to the conspiracy themes that killed the show when it got dumped many years ago. I mean, seriously, Scully, getting illuminated by a light from the sky to end the short season of the revival last year?

Gimme a break. It kind of killed my enthusiasm for the revival.

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