BACHELOR IN PARADISE, Something Smells Funny

So BIP (Bachelor in Paradise) premiered its umpteenth season this week and ABC totally went with making the Corinne & DeMario thing as politically correctly handled as possible.

First they surprised me by not showing a ton of the steamy scenes, yet, they did show Corrine getting bonkers by jumping in the pool in her clothes.  It's good to be ABC, to be able to show the condemning footage that isn't risky!

Then they made the big production of sitting everyone down and having that "Hey Kids" talk with them, to the point of even broaching if this event was a 'race' thing. WTF? Really?

Others were saying how this is going to follow DeMario around for a long time and that in a round-a-bout way, made it almost pretty clear that he was the victim of this charade or escapade or whatever it was.

I wasn't there, so I can't say. And despite all the online experts who seem to think they know what happened, well, you weren't there.

BUT... despite the gang saying this is going to haunt DeMario for a while, I do have one thing to say in response to that... well, two:

Yea, it will suck for a while for DeMario, but a lot of folks don't watch reality TV and he could get lucky in his future job hunts. But the other thing is, you have to be really egotistically driven to want to splay your love-life out in front of millions for a paycheck so to some degree, he sort of has himself to blame for this whole thing.

Why I say that is look at these folks... some look pretty sweet and coy, but it still takes a certain amount of guts to do all this spit swapping on TV. And OMG, this one little blondie who's kids are the most important thing to her... while she abandons them again to be on reality dating in paradise. I just had to say that.


Then Chris Harrison had everyone more or less give their verbal consent that they're they're on their own free will and are willing to move forward with the show.

My favorite part was when they talked about not being forced to drink or act out in certain ways...  I mean, really, I figured they were drunken, horny, ego driven fools all on their own.

But what I found interesting was that the two-week break in filming seemed to really change the atmosphere of the group. Suddenly girls who were agog to give out roses were more restrained. Potential relationships on that first night had the water bucket dumped on them.

And the tone of the show, or the cast members now feels more reserved. At least this week it did.

Of course, we already had three girls crying and from the previews at least one guy crying. So it's a good chance the show will get its feet back under it and away it goes, with all the usual steamy fun we've come to expect from the biggest version of the 'fantasy suite' ABC has to offer!!!

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