Supposedly Bride of Frankenstein will be the next movie in the Dark Universe world of movies from Universal. And to be honest, they might as well just let it go. Their monster film universe is flopping with every try and the problem just could be that they're trying too hard

Why have different monsters across the different films, when they could have worked this from the premise of some connecting characters across the films.

But to be honest, I'm not sure how they would fix it or even try. It was a great try, taking a swing at a Marvel-like universe with the world of movie monsters.

Right now, it's due out in theaters on February 14, 2019


So how are you feeling about this shortened season of Game of Thrones? I love how the episodes are cutting right to the chase with each set of stories. That's something new we haven't had before. But I hate that they're spreading the "last season" of the show across two short seasons.

In a word, it's bullshit. But what are we gonna do? Everyone will tune in, regardless. Right?

Then there's this thing someone said to me the other day... he said he feels like Game of Thrones is starting to feel like Star Trek where only red shirts seem to die. As if George RR Martin seems to be losing his daring story telling edge.

I had not thought of that up until he said this, and to be honest, I can't argue it.

Unless you count the dragons... which is ticking me off and making me upset!


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