STARGATE Revival, With STARGATE ORIGINS, But There's A Catch

IT looks like MGM is taking the CBS road to pushing their own digital streaming network content.

MGM has ordered a new Stargate series called Stargate Origins. Yes, it's a prequel, in case you could not tell from the title.

The series, a 10-episode season, will follow the character of Chatherine Langford, who was the scientist whose focus led to events that took place in the 1994 film. The character later showed up in the SG-1 TV series.

The catch is that the series will show up on a subscription-based channel called Stargate Command.

The other catch is that, yes, they've ordered 10 "episodes," but those episodes will only be 10-minute long bits. Wow, let's not commit too heavily here now!

Not to be grumpy, but MGM says they've been eager to revisit this franchise. Which I guess would explain why fans have been left in the dark since the cancellation of Stargate Universe, six years ago, in 2011? Not.

Just saying.

So MGM is aware there's a bulk of fans out there, but this new website, besides the new "series," will have other content fans can buy. I'm not sure it's so much an acknowledgement of the fans or just a portal to get people spending more of their money.

I've already said I won't be dropping extra bucks on CBS's streaming service to see the new Star Trek. Nor will I be chasing down Disney's services to keep up with whatever Marvel or Star Wars content they might be pulling from Netflix.

I already pay enough for my cable!

My guess is though, that there will be those that will jump on board the new portal, making it worth MGM's time. Maybe the response of fans will help them make more decisions about the rumored new movies they might (or might not) be making.

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