Big SOUTH PARK Marathon Going On Right Now... And a Few Other TV News Bits...

There is a South Park TV marathon on Comedy Central is happening RIGHT NOW and it's a big one. I mean, really, really big marathon.

To celebrate the 21st season of South Park, that is premiering on Wednesday, September 21st, they started a 254 episode marathon of the show that started on September 6th, running for eight days.

There will be a few 30-minute breaks with other shows, but not many.

The show launched in 1997 and has been going strong ever since. It is heralded as one of the longest running prime-time comedies. And it makes sense, with their no-holds barred brand of humor that manages to get Kenny killed almost every episode!

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Born This Way was renewed for a fourth season by A and E.

Get Shorty got a second season out of EPIX.

Did you know that over five million viewers tuned in to watch the solar eclipse back when it took place. To be honest, I've heard a few interesting opinions about the event that ranged from 'who cares' to 'how exciting.'  To be honest, I get both perspectives.

So many people drove to specific locations, then suffered 10-mile long traffic jams to go home to wherever they came from. And that seemed crazy to some, when you could log on to a website and watch the event "live" on a website. But then you have a lot of parents that were supporting their kids desire to see this event and use it as a learning tool, engaging the potential in kids to learn about something based off of science. We have too many fantasy and reality-TV mind-numbing sources out there, so this could have excited the next Albert (or Ann) Einstein, who could herald our society into the future with things he or she would invent or come up with.

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