Starz is developing a martial arts series titled (working title) Black Samurai.

Based on the “Black Samurai” novels by Marc Olden, the show will follow an Army Ranger whose life is transformed when he meets a legendary Japanese master who invites him to train as a samurai. After his beloved sensei and samurai brothers are killed by mercenaries, Sand is thrust on a worldwide journey of both revenge and self-discovery.

They're going to make it a mash-up of spy and martial arts genre

It's going to star Common and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television.

I tend to like Common in the roles he lands. I'm tentatively looking forward to this.

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It looks like Fear Factor was a hit on MTV and they are renewing the dare show for a second season on their network.

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Marcia Clark is back in the news. She's developing a "legal thriller" for ABC. They're describing it as "part legal thriller, part confessional, part revenge fantasy."

OK... that description makes sense... check out the outline of this new show:

The show will focus on a female prosecutor (hmm) who loses the trial of the century, gets trashed by the media for it, and then we follow the murderer when he strikes again, eight years later.

If it's done well, I can see this being not bad TV. We'll see. And with Shonda Rhimes leaving the camp for other Netflix, I bet ABC is looking for some good programming to fill the upcoming void.

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