Disney IS Pulling Their Movies From Netflix in 2019

Remember when I mentioned that Disney is pulling all their content from Netflix, but everyone was still in deliberation about the Marvel movies content there? Well, that pipe dream is out the window.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has recenlty confirmed that all Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe movies will be pulled from Netflix once Disney launches their own streaming service, because, you know, we aren't paying for enough outlets to see the same stuff yet!

If you have the extra bucks to drop on yet another (streaming) content provider, their new service will have Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and any other Disney made film under their ever-growing blanket of profit.

So by 2019 all the Marvel and Lucasfilm movies will go away.

Sure, it's a smart move for Disney to pull more content of theirs out from under licensed outlets and channel the profits under their own umbrella. It will just add more cush to their coffers with time.

But this could potentially put one or the other in a bind, that being, who will choose what service to stick with, if they can't afford yet one more pay service in their lives.

Amazon Prime Instant Video
Curiosity Stream
DirectTV Now
Hulu With Live TV
Showtime Anytime
Sling Orange
Sony Playstation Vue
WWE Network
YouTube TV

At the moment, we have not heard that Disney is pulling their shows back yet... that being Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders. Or other Marvel content on other venues. But Disney can change their mind pretty fast when they decide to.

I don't know if you remember, but right before Iron Man 3 came out, Disney wanted a bigger profit percentage of box office earnings. Literally, weeks before the film released in theaters. And for those houses that balked at the increase, Disney threatened to pull all their content from their entire chains. And so Iron Man 3 came out and Disney got their way.

And do you remember when Quentin Tarantino got screwed over by Disney?

So even though there's no mention of the shows, right now, it would not surprise me if that changed too. To be honest, it is all about maximum profit, and this is how you do it. They are king at that!!!

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