What happens when you ask for too much money to reprise your role in Hawaii Five-0? You start looking at b-genre films.

Word on the street is that Daniel Dae Kim is looking to join the cast of the doomed Hellboy reboot. If he joins the cast, he'll be replacing Ed Skrein.

I mean, come on, this is a film where Milla Jovovich will be in and it won't be a film her husband is helming. That's gotta mean something too, right?

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Let's see... rummaging through notes...  Um, I already talked about ABC picking up a pilot for their Greatest American Hero REBOOT!

I'm Dying Up Here was renewed for a 2nd season by Showtime.


Last Week Tonight just got the renewal nod from HBO... for THREE MORE SEASONS!!! Yes!!!

To be honest, if you haven't watched the show, it's a hard hitting news format kind of series where John Oliver picks a few subjects or people, does some serious-ass research, then RIPS THEM APART with facts and background info that will just blow you away.

Watching the show, you tend to also learn a ton about things you may have never really wanted to know.

How good is the show?

It is currently nominated for eight prime time Emmy awards and last year, won three Emmys.


The Last Tycoon was CANCELLED hard by Amazon. Kelsey Grammer and Jennifer Beals will need to find work somewhere else now.

Z: The Beginning of Everything, apparently is ending, with Amazon NOT picking up a second season of that show.

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Alaska: The Last Frontier returns on October 1st.

THE CW announced it's upcoming Fall 2017 Saturday morning line up of information shows!

Starting October 7th, you are going to get A LOT of Cesar Milan...

8:00 a.m. “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan: Family Edition”
8:30 a.m. “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan: Family Edition”
9:00 a.m. “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan: Family Edition”
9:30 a.m. “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan: Family Edition”
10:00 a.m. “Brain Games: Family Edition”
10:30 a.m. “This Old House: Trade School”

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