INHUMANS Crashes At IMAX Theater Outing

I seriously don't get what ABC/Marvel was thinking when they thought they'd pop a TV series like Inhumans on the big IMAX screen? It's a TV show, and historically, no TV show or TV movie has ever done well at the box office. But I supposed every buck is a buck, no matter where it comes from, right?

They somehow got IMAX to pitch in production bucks. It only made just under $3M at the box office. GLOBALLY. But here's the problem I saw going into this "movie theater" premiere of the Inhumans TV series:

It's a TV show. Not a movie. OK, I took the obvious shot. But when Sharknado went to the box office, well, you know what happened there, right?

What TV show ever did well in movie land over the years? Baywatch just crashed and burned, The Honeymooners took a swing at it, Land of the Lost crapped out in the movie theater, Miami Vice went belly up there, but these are all bad examples where the creative misdirection turned the films into comedies. Back in the day, they even tried shoving the older Battlestar Galactica into theaters, and that did not do well.

And these were shows that did well in their day, where as Inhumans is an unproven series with bad early reviews. To be honest, Inhumans might have had a chance, but ABC pulled the budget strings pretty tight it seems.


There were too many negative online comments about preview images from the production set, that later, were passed off by Jeph Loeb as just test or early set photos. when upper management starts making excuses about content that was supposed to pump up the fan base, that's never, never, ever a good sign.

They hired director Roel Reiné for his ability to work within tight schedules and low budgets. Which apparently showed, when effects from this "IMAX movie" reportedly looked more like the bad effects from a Syfy channel movie.

Early reviews trashed the "movie," and there were also concerns that Scott Buck, who also helmed Netflix's Iron Fist, which took a critic's beating, was leading the production. People have even pointed out to how different the Danny Rand character felt in the Defender's Netflix series versus his own series.

And all this, from a core set of heroes from the Marvel universe.

Ever since the Inhumans initially were added to the MCU movie slate, late, then postponed, then removed, seems to fall right in line with how little money ABC seems to have wanted to spend on the show. Or so, so far, it seems.

I'm not sure how they're going to make a character who cannot speak, stand out on TV, but hey, at least Disney/Marvel shoveled it off to the TV world, where this is no possibility of crossing over into the moviel realm of things, while still appearing to appease the Inhuman fans. Or least pretend to.

So for now, we have to wait and see how much of a pulled punch fans will get with the TV series.


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