STARSKY & HUTCH, Syfy Renewals, STAR WARS REBELS, Premiere Date Reminders

So remember my mentioning the Greatest American Hero reboot coming from ABC? Well, now Sony Pictures TV is pitching a Starsky and Hutch reboot to networks. They have The Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, helming the series.

It will be premiering or streaming on Amazon and it's been said that "The show will be a character-driven procedural that will deconstruct the buddy cop genre in the spirit of the “Guardians” franchise."

Hmm... I hate when a studio pitches a product to "be like" some other popular franchise, though, to be honest, considering it's James Gunn helming the rebooot, it makes sense. Or predictable.

Now you can add Starsky and Hutch to the "revivals" of The Munsters, Miami Vice, The Jetsons, SWAT, and Dynasty.  Yea, they're trying to get the term reboot buried under their new term, revival. Whatever.

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Fleabag was renewed for a second season by Amazon.

Killjoys got renewed by Syfy, but for its two final seasons, four and five. Which is a long-winded version of getting cancelled in two years. This just like how they just cancelled Dark Matter, right after their third season, now series finale, back on Aug 25th. I mean, what the hell, why even watch the show that I've stockpiled on my DVR now?

Last Chance U was renewed for a third season by Netflix. This new season will take place at Independence Community College located in Kansas.

Transparent was renewed for a fifth season by Amazon

True Detective got a third season nod from HBO... airing in 2018, it will be focused on a crime in the Ozarks.


-Patton Oswalt’s new Netflix stand-up special, Patton Oswalt: Annihilation, will be available on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

-Star Wars Rebels returns for its fourth and final season on Monday, Oct. 16 on Disney XD.

-Superstore premieres on Sept. 28 on NBC,

-The Blacklist returns on Sept. 27 on NBC,

-The Shannara Chronicles returns on October 11th on Spike TV.

-This is Us returns on Sept. 26 on NBC.

-Who Shot Biggie & Tupac will air on Fox on Sunday, Sept. 24.

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