USA is looking at the series finale of Suits, that will air in 2018, could be looked at as a potential spin-off episode that will focus on Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres).

Their marketing pitch reads:

"The season-ender will reunite Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) with their old friend Pearson as she adjusts to her new life in the Windy City. When she is forced to enter the dirty world of Chicago politics, Pearson must rely on her legal wits and valiant relationships from Pearson Specter Litt to navigate this unknown territory."

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Just spotting the headline, I am just not that sure about the idea, but ABC is eyeing a live-action The Jetsons sitcom. And there it is... sitcom.

The same guy that has written shows like Family Guy and Will & Grace, so that might be a clue how the show will feel like.

I swear, if they add one of those dumbass laugh tracks to this show, I am out of there!

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Flip or Flop Atlanta was renewed for a second season by HGTV.

Friends from College was renewed for a second season by Netflix.

Xena: In case you had not heard, NBC has ditched their plans to reboot Xena Warrior Princess. It came in the form of a reply about the show that amounted to “Nothing is happening on that right now. We looked at some material; we decided at that point that it didn’t warrant the reboot.” That, despite teaser news that they put out months before that they were looking at the idea. Buggers.

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