That Petty BIG BROTHER BB19 Finale

This latest season of Big Brother, BB19, was one of the usual set of new twists and surprises. And when Paul came into the house, along with other veterans, they became the instant targets by everyone in the Big Brother house.

And yet, with the aid of some gifted tricks, Paul not only survived the entire season, but managed to get wrangle the entire house into working with and for him. It was an amazing display of what I would call "assett management."

And as the season wore down and the final HoH competition loomed on the horizon, Paul had to start managing his assetts in to expecting being evicted by him, for his own game.

Then there was Cody... the self-proclaimed Paul hater. He seemed so detached or maybe, hate-focused on so many things in the house. I'm clearly not sure what makes him tick, except to maybe diss just about everyone around him. Hell, he could not even accept the most-popular player cash prize without some kind of sneer of disbelief. Folks, you did not vote well there.

But then when it all came down to it, Paul ended up sitting next to Josh for the final two for the jury to vote on. Josh!

I did not expect Josh to get past the first half of the season, considering what a loose, wildly emotional cannon he seemed to be. But he toned it down, um, after his musical frying pan stage, and with a few bouts of highly emotional crying, managed to survive and when the HoH competition when it was the most critical to win.

Then the jury voting began.

To he honest, over the years, no matter what the reality competition show, like Big Brother or even Survivor, when people found themselves get played, they later respected the player that manipulated the crowd and rewarded them with votes to win the game.

ANd believe me, in the early years, I hated it when a player tricked everyone and then they all voted them the winner. But I came to appreciate how everyone recognized that they were tactically outplayed and the winner played a good game of human chess.

And so, as Paul completely manipulated the entire house of Big Brother guests, it would seem that he was the one to win.  But..,

Wow, when the jury house guests cast their votes, they had some nasty, shallow, petty things to say. They were angry and voted with their gut, not their minds.

The shocker was that Cody's girlfriend and Raven were the only two who seemed to recognize what Paul achieved, and yet, the angry vote prevailed, and the last vote, being Cody's, it would seem to say that Cody had the last word between him and Paul.

And Paul, as you could see, was shocked by the outcome too.

But be it as it may, this last season of Big Brother became a disappointing result of petty anger. Hell, even Dr. Will, during his interview of the jury, showed his disdain for their frustrations.

But hey, Josh won, and to be honest, that wasn't a bad win. We could think of worse players to have won, so there's that.

And then CBS tempted and teased us with the announcement of an upcoming celebrity Big Brother edition. It has everyone wondering, who or what?  Would we be getting Dancing with the Stars cast offs, past Big Brother stars, or just some known acting names in the house?

We can't wait to see what CBS has up their sleeve.

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