Hollywood Says ROTTEN TOMATOES Ruined The Summer Box Office

So "Hollywood" had themselves a mediocre summer box office performance. OK, mediocre is an understatement. It's been said they had the worst box office performance in 20 years.

But... rather than own it by admitting that sequels have sucked or that reboots, sorry, reimaginings and just plain crap movies, certain parts of the industry have decided that Rotten Tomatoes is the problem and not the studios and distributors putting out crap.

Some persons say that Rotten Tomatoes ( RT ) as the source of the destruction of their business with their scoring system that accumulates a score via a slew of professional critics. The other argument is that RT allows blogs in as part of that scoring system.

Let's be honest here... first up...

One film quoted as proof of the summer's fail was the lackluster performance of Transformers: The Last Knight. But if you recall a review I did, the editing was lazy crap and Michael Bay could give a shit about the franchise fans. But yet, it's RT's fault? Right.

Then there's this bit about including blogs in their review scoring system.

Let's be frank again...  professional critics have a specific set of criteria to judge a film against. Or it sometimes feels like they're only writing to themselves about a film, without taking the fan into consideration.

There's a reason I started a popcorn movie scoring system alongside the dramatic movie score. It's because you can't rate an excellent dramatic film on the same scale as the popcorn crap like Baywatch and Transformers and the like. But yet, they do, turning a blind eye towards what the movie fans are looking to digest.

As far as I'm concerned, between the collective of professional critics and blogs, I have found critics that are like-minded to my taste in movies and I now have a short list of critics I can always turn to to figure out if I want to go see a movie. And every time I've ignored the warnings, I have paid the price.

The thing is, if Hollywood actually got their shit together and put out good films, they would get the box office performance they want. But when they put out crap and reviewers say it was crap, I AM NOT GOING TO GO SEE IT.  Well, reviewers I trust that is.

But seriously, do the masses depend on reviewers to go or not to go see movies? The premise is yes, considering the site's popularity and traffic rates. (Up 32% from last year)

But let's take a step back and reconsider one other thing, while Hollywood is trashing on RT.

Ticket Prices.

It's getting pretty pricey to go to the movies these days. If you happen to have a certain time frame you can go to the movies, you can take a family of four and easily drop more than $100 on your movie experience. WTF?

Or... that same family of four could grab some popcorn at the grocery store for $5, settle in around the TV and rent a movie online for under or around $10. It's hard to argue with the numbers there.

Yea...  all they (Hollywood) have to do is spend the money on good writers, good directors and pump out good stories, and not try to cut corners with cheaper talent.

It ain't that hard, is it?

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