KUNG FU Remake was Inevitable; Other Remakes and Renewal News

Tis the era where networks are grabbing at straws that worked from the past, and so it continues... But this time, I might like this attempt at a remake... At least I can hope, right?

FOX is looking to reboot the 1970s series, Kung Fu. The show that starred David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine as he travelled the old west of the United States, looking for his brother, all the while using his wisdom and skills to right various wrongs and kick some unsuspecting ass.

In this re-envisioned version, produced by Arrow co-showrunner Wendy Mericie and Greg Berlanti, this latest version will focus on Lucy Chang, a Buddhist monk and kung fu master who travels through 1950s America searching for the man who stole her child.

Well, we'll see how this one does, but so far, I've like pretty much everything Berlanti has done for the television landscape. And I did enjoy the original, so we'll see.


Another rebmake...  I mean revival: ABC is toying with the idea of rebooting Get Christie Love, a show I have never heard of, ever. But apparently it's an old movie that turned into a one-season hit of a police crime solver.

Things must be getting desperate if they're looking at shows that never made it past one season, back in 1974!


Marlon got renewed for a second season by NBC.


FYI:  Rolling Stone: Stories From the Edge will air on Monday, Nov. 6 and Tuesday, Nov. 7 on HBO!


Young Sheldon had started its season on a preliminary kind of situation with just a few episodes ordered by ABC, but it had such a good premiere that they ordered an additional nine episodes, on top of the original 13 already ordered.


As you are more than likely aware, Hugh Hefner passed away. And of course, the humor started circulating about the man who made sexy girls nextdoor popular. But I must say, of all the humor out there, there two best memes I saw was one that said that it was classic Hugh Hefner, who passed on a Wednesday...  Hump Day.

The other insightful meme was a picture of Hugh, surrounded by about hundred Playboy Bunnies, and the quite said, if they say he's in a better place, THEY ARE WRONG!

(I know, I usually don't do gallows-type humor, but this seemed poetic.)

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