ROSWELL Reboot, SEAL TEAM Season Order News

ROSWELL Reboot is in the works while SEAL TEAM Season Order News

The CW is working on a reboot of Roswell.

The original ran from 1999 to 2002. This version will focus on the daughter of undocumented immigrants who ends up returning to her tourist-trap of a hometown,  Roswell, New Mexico. She learns that her teenage crush is now a police officer who is an alien who kept his abilities hidden his entire life. She ends up protecting his secret as the two reconnect and begin to investigate his origins. Then when events point to a greater alien presence on Earth than ever imagined, fear and hatred threaten to expose him.

This new series will be based on the same book the original series was, Roswell High, by Melinda Metz.

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Seal Team got the nod from CBS for a full-blown, 22-episode season. It stars David Boreanaz.  It did super well in the ratings in its first few weeks of airing, thus the full season order.

I've been watching it and the show is treading a fine line between showing stories of family, friends, and comrades as we're shown a mission-of-the-week style story writing.

I felt like it was working for me and was hoping it kept a good run going. Boreanaz plays a decent hard-nosed, non-communicative boss, almost like Gibbs in NCIS.

The only thing that makes me uneasy is that they have a dog on the SEAL team that goes with them on all their missions, but that's just me and my preferences.

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