JUSTICE LEAGUE IMDb Scores Are Pouring In, And It Isn't Horrible

So despite Warner Bros. embargo restrictions and despite WB muffling the free speech system of Rotten Tomatoes for both users and critics, there's one thing they can't stifle, and that's the users over on IMDb or Google Users. The movie opened in several countries yesterday.  Metacritic has it at a '49,'

So far, the Justice League film rating on IMDb, as of

Thurs, 11/16, 0800, 8.0/10, from 14,175 votes. (After clicking on the first score you see on the splash page.)

Keep in mind that I never trust the first few thousand votes on IMDb. That's because I assume that studio, distributor and other staff closely associated with any project, are probably encouraged to support their company's product on sites such as IMDb.

So I wait.

But if you look at the breakdowns on the actual User Ratings page, US voters (1,250) have rated it at a 7.0, while women 30 and up, give it a 6.3. (Curious how it hasn't opened in the US yet, but a few thousand folks have rated it already... that, may be the studio staffs, critic preview screenings and what not.)

What I like about the older female vote, if anything, is that in my experience, women tend to appreciate a good story peppered in around the action of a film, so if they like it, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

But these numbers seem to sit right about where I would expect them to sit after seeing the various reviews and what not.

I'll let you know what I think of it...

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