JUSTICE LEAGUE: WB Continues To Show Lack of Faith

As if the review embargo was not bad enough, they did let critics tweet their short opinions, (And I conjectured a review from the aggregate of their comments) but still, now WB is having Rotten Tomatoes delay their printing up of the reviewers aggregate score of the Justice League film.

Now Rotten Tomatoes will have to wait ONE DAY after all reviews are released by the various critics before they can post their RT score of the Justice League film.

Let's recap:

Warner Brothers issues a review embargo to one day before Justice League opens in theaters. And as we all have seen, whenever a studio enforces review embargoes, it always means the film SUCKS!

Then some critics were allowed to tweet opinions and they more or less said it was a good start in the right direction for their DC products, there was great character interaction, and the villain sucked.

But they had fun watching the film. But not one word about how great it was, but instead, there was a 'generally positive' feel about the film.

And now Rotten Tomatoes is delaying their posting of their Tomato Score.


The question remains about this delay of the Tomato score if Warner Brothers requested it or not? Let's look at the obvious details:Warner Brothers owns a stake in Fandango. Fandango is the parent company of Rotten Tomatoes.

If I choose to jump to conclusions with that information, then YES, WB is delaying the RT score.


From day one, when JL was announced, there have been delay after delay. They finally started developing it and had Zack Snyder helm and his wife produce it. But according to word on the street, when we all heard that Snyder was taking his leave from production to mourn his daughter's passing, (two months prior), we had heard that after seeing the first cut of the film they asked him to hand it off to Joss Whedon, who came in and made a massive amount of reshoots.

Which, when I heard about the lighter moods and better character interaction, I attributed to Whedon, because Snyder does not do humor that well or frequently. he does, dark, slo-mo, fantasy dream sequences and the like.

So we either have one hell of an anti-press campaign just to generate web buzz, or Justice League just out and out sucks. Oh, wait, someone did compare it to Suicide Squad and called it better. As if that was tough to do.  (BTW, on TV, SS is not a bad time killer to settle in to watch)


I don't know what's up with WB... they keep trying so hard to hit the mark with their DC properties and in so doing, miss it all together. And these sets of embargo on critics and RT for Justice League seems to just reinforce some fans worries.

JUST SO YOU KNOW, I learned through a friend of mine that if you did pre-purchase tickets to the Justice League film, you can transfer them to another film or get your money back! At least that's what he and a few others are doing.

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Psst: I am finding it curious that no one is mentioning Superman or Green Lantern in any kind of commentary.  Just saying, because, if I am reading between the lines and such over the last few months...

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