THE HUNTERS PRAYER (2017) Movie Review, One Of Worthington's Better

THE HUNTER'S PRAYER review, Sam Worthington

This is one mildly surprised movie review of a Sam Worthington actioner. I picked it up on a lark just to have something to watch while on the train and the film ended up feeling like it had some character, despite the low IMDb score of a 5.5/10.


The Hunters Prayer stars Sam Worthington, Odeya Rush, Allen Leech, and is produced and directed by Jonathan Mostow. Mostow's resume includes Surrogates, Terminator 3, & U-571. He is not as prolific as some directors and only seems to come out every few years to direct a film.


The film outline says..

The film is more or less about Lucas, (Worthington), a solitary assassin, hired to kill a young woman, Ella, (Odeya Rush). But he can't bring himself to pull the trigger. This messes up his bosses plan and then things fall apart. With the boss pissed, he sets in motion a game of cat and mouse between Lucas and new assassins sent to kill him and the girl, forcing Lucas and Ella to form an uneasy alliance. Relentlessly pursued across Europe, their only hope to survive is to somehow expose those responsible for brutally murdering her family and bring them to justice. Of some sort.


When the film opens we watch Ella's parents mercilessly murdered in their own home, but when Lucas shows up to kill the girl, it seems that she reminds him of his daughter. Once he changes his mind to help her, it's not long before bullets are coming out of nowhere and they're always under the gun and on the run.

But when he takes a bullet for her, he ends up getting help from a trusted friend. That's when Ella learns that Lucas' boss supplies him with drugs and keeps him on the payroll by providing the drugs he covets, and it's his flaw.

Lucas' friend tells Ella all he wants to do is be high, and thus, the complications develop in their alliance.  But her disappointment in him  helps him work at kicking the habit.


Pretty much everyone in the film fulfills their roles wonderfully, from the obsessed evil millionaire to the orphaned daughter dependent on a drug addicted assassin.

And this role of Worthington's was possibly one of his better roles. There was depth to his character a bit more than some of his other roles I've seen him in. I wouldn't go so far as to say, WOW, Academy Award winning, but compared to some roles I've seen him in, I enjoyed this role of his.

I think Sam Worthington fans will enjoy this characterization and even though this falls into the B-movie category, I enjoyed watching it via my Amazon Prime subscription.


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