THE WALKING DEAD Ratings Hit A Five Year Low

The Walking Dead Ezekiel Payton

You've seen my mini-tirades about The Walking Dead being incredibly boring with the same crap story over and over this season. It seems that the rest of the viewership is feeling the same way as the ratings drop with each successive episode of season 8. Sure, we've been given little snippets of development or character insights, but dang, so little for so few eps.

It seems we're tired of all the gun play and minimal character or story developments. And now we killed the tiger. Sigh.

For the comic fans, this was no surprise that the tiger died, but it bummed me out, only exemplifying how I'm feeling about season 8 so far, where they promised more blood shed than ever before... They just didn't say they would be giving us this much bloodshed in such a boring fashion.

Sure, Carol stood out and kicked ass in this fourth season, for a few minutes at least. Though, comic fans are wondering when she'll die too.

But now various aspects of this show are hitting five-year lows, and viewership is declining rapidly.

Now admittedly, The Walking Dead is still doing better than most shows on cable, but when you're down 20 to 30% in numbers, depending on how you crunch them, you have to believe someone has screwed up and fans are done with it.

Last year, the show had 17 million viewers for it's premiere, while this season, well, some episodes are hitting 8 million viewers.

And depending on who you read, some sites are declaring the obvious while other sites are pumping up all the numbers as best they can. The shills vs. the real sites.

Then some are outright blaming AMC.

The show had a $3.5M budget per episode in the first season, then they cut it to a $2.75 budget/episode. But despite the growing popularity of the series, the network has not increased the budget of the show. (But I'm going to bet they upped the cost of advertising during the show though, right?)

If the story does not start developing better content, ratings will continue to decline and the show itself will be a shambling zombie version of what it once was and find itself shit-canned!

So far it's been a fun ride and I'm hoping it picks back up with more / good story and less slaughtering.

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