THOR RAGNAROK: Mini Review and Tribute to Mjolnir The Hammer

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor Rognarok

Thor Ragnarok showed Marvel audiences a different kind of Thor than they've previously been used to. They took the more serious Marvel Avenger and made him quip more. More than normal. In fact they made the entire cast too quippy.

Obviously the new, funnier Thor (Chris Hemsworth) agreed with movie audiences, but I'm guessing most movie-goers are not noticing that this new-found sense of humor seems to be present in most of the characters. Yes, they all had the same sense of humor, which for me, was distracting.

But otherwise, director Taika Waititi applied his comedic sense of direction to the film, while still pulling off an action film with classic rock, issues among family members, and what not. He did well with the film and will go far in the Disney/Marvel world until he starts costing them too much.

The humor was, as always, well timed and delivered.

But bringing this brand of humor to this franchise does change up the serious nature of Thor himself. Sure, he was funny, but in his previous appearances, when the serious Thor made jokes, they had a lot more impact. But this time around, he was making cute little jokes throughout. Good jokes, so they hit the mark, but still.

This is Chris Hemsworth's effort to reboot Thor. So I guess that will be that.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok showed that even on a bad day, he kept trying to make it right. Thor and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) have their usual conflicting relationship where Loki does good, then snaps and does something asinine.

Hulk/Banner was interesting at best. Banner was carrying that same humor, but at least in a scene or two, it was hilarious. (Referencing when he jumps out of the GrandMaster's ship... you'll see. Effing hilarious.)

Did you catch the secret cameos in Thor Ragnarok?

The cast in the play "Odin" was watching,

Odin was played by Sam Neill,
Thor was played by Chris Hemsworth’s brother Luke Hemsworth,
Loki was played by Matt Damon.

Too fun.


But as we all saw in the film and in all the trailers, Hela catches Mjolnir, effortlessly, and crushes it.

I'm sorry, but I came to really enjoy it when Thor wielded Mjolnir and the sound it made as it made that metallic hum flying through the air, always seeking out and returning to Thor.

But Thor lost a loved one when Hela destroyed Mjolnir.  Sure, Thor lost his hammer multiple times in the comics, but this time around, Thor had to make do with resolving his issues without his trusted hammer. Much like when Tony Stark had to make do without his fully functioning armor in Iron Man 3.

Any way, we all learned that Thor is the God of Thunder, not the God of Hammers. (If you saw the film, you know what that means.)

Here, is a Marvel's homage to Mjolnir, as sad as it may be.


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