THOR RAGNAROK, A Second-Time Review

Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok, a review

This new review of mine will not be filtered and thus, have a few spoilers.

I put up a review about Thor Ragnarok back when I first saw it. I had actually gone out and seen the film a second time, ad this film holds up real well to second viewings.

Sometimes you might go back to a film and in parts, find yourself wishing them story along because you feel, at times, it could be pretty boring. But not Thor Ragnarok. The film was just as entertaining through and through the second time.


In this film, Thor and Loki learn they have a sister and she's the elder of the siblings, so when Odin dies, she has the rightful claim to the throne of Asgard. But there's a wrinkle. She is the Goddess of Death and has extreme methods for dealing with issues. Too extreme for Odin, but with his passing, her banishment ends and she comes to claim the throne. But nobody will be having it and she pretty much starts killing anyone who opposes her claim.

Mark Ruffalo in Thor Ragnarok

But there's a parallel story going on, when, while Thor, Loki and Hela are in the bifrost teleport beam and Hela knocks Thor and Loki out of the beam, where they end up on Planet Hulk. So we now have a secondary story taking place, while Hela is on Asgard, smiting everyone.

Then one thing leads to another, and another and eventually they all end up facing off against Hela on Asgard. And oh what a battle.


In this film, they have sort of 'rebooted' the character of Thor in how they lightened the mood of Thor Odin-son so that he was loaded up with more quips and one-liners than ever before. And it wasn't bad.

The film throughout had more of a light mood than previous Thor films, while starting to come up to speed with the other Marvel films. But...

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in Thor Ragnarok

But here's the thing that worries me a bit. Like in The Avengers films, the humor was awesome while it was peppered in with the action. But with the subsequent Marvel films where we see the same overtone of humor, and especially the same sense of humor from every character, the light tone threatens to become a bit more dull or repetitious. And thus, a bit distracting. Or even disappointing.

But regardless, while I sat in the theater watching Thor Ragnarok a second time, I was able to more closely watch the audience and see that they totally approved of all the injected humorous moments injected in the film.

My favorite moment from the film was when Banner jumps out of a hovering ship, telling the Valkerie, I've got this. Much to her confusion. And when he jumps, we are all expecting The Hulk to land in front of the giant beast,  but instead, we watch Bruce Banner go thunk on the walkway, and then groan. It was pretty hilarious.  NOW THAT WAS good humor.

Cate Blanchett in Thor Ragnarok

Cate Blanchett was sublimely over-the-top as the evil-leaning Hela

So any way, the film was just as good the second time through and oddly, the humor was not as distracting the second time as it was the first time.

So if family wants to drag you back to Thor Ragnarok during the holidays for your second viewing, it won't suck.

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