What Is Up With HONEST TRAILERS These Days?

Disclaimer: I am a HUGE FAN of Screen Junkies Honest Trailers channel. With that said...


As most fans know, Honest Trailers was shut down for a few weeks while they got through some sexual misconduct issues involving their co-founder, but all through the process, they said they would return.

At one point, I inquired the following during their dark weeks:

"I was wondering how much of the flavor/feel of HT's was Signore a part of? Will the upcoming new content feel pretty much like it's always been? And I hate to ask this, but where was 'the voice' guy in this update video? Thanks."

Their reply, (that they subsequently deleted from their channel under my comment...):

"The head writer of Honest Trailers is Spencer Gilbert, the guy sitting left of center, and he is still very much involved. The voice guy is on a part time contractual basis and does work for other channels. If anything, Honest Trailers will be better because Andy's primary purpose was shouting deadlines and pushing production."

And I pretty much was pleased as punch with this reply. But since they've returned, something is definitely off about their YouTube channel content.

First, their splash page that used to show what content would go up on what day is gone. I'm going to presume that's temporary.

Second, their last video before the shut down was on Oct 3rd (Blade Runner). Then the channel went silent for a bit before they came out to tell us what was going on with an update video. Then they did the following Honest Trailers

Spider-Man Homecoming (10-31)
Stranger Things season one (11-7)
Batman Forever (11-14)
The Emoji Movie (11-21)
The Room (11-28)

The Spider-Man HT was pretty short, 4:47, while the Stranger Things was over 7 minutes long, but it was truly a lack-luster video.  After that, instead of taking shots at critically acclaimed films, they started taking shots at films that were easy to rip apart, 5 minutes for Batman Forever, under four minutes for the Emoji film and then for some reason they took the time to put up an Honest Trailer about some unknown, 2003 piece of shit movie that we've never heard of called The Room. A film that got 3.6/10 on IMDb, 29% on Rotten Tomatoes and 9% on Metacritics. I couldn't even watch the entire HT clip.


This channel is the Honest Trailers I had been enjoying for the last year, even when they picked on my favorite films. But now this feels like something different, like something where they're taking some kind of safe route in what they're producing.


Signore had more to do with the channel then was let on. Gads, I hope not.

I'm not sure what's up. It could just be that my literary tastes are not quite on par with what they're producing of late or how they're producing it. But either way, it's getting a bit tiresome!

Hopefully, this is just a fluke of ug and they'll get back on track. hopefully. At least 'Ozzy Man Reviews' stays cool and true!

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