90 DAY FIANCEE - One Train Wreck After Another

90 DAY FIANCEE - One Train Wreck After Another

90 Day Fiancee on TLC is a fascinating show and as time goes on and they do more and more crazy applicants to follow, as we get caught up in the train wrecks that are their stories.

In every case, families and friends are suspicious of the foreign love interest except in the case of the 'before 90-day fiancee' shows, where in these shows, we watch loser Americans pursuing love online in foreign singles apps as they go and visit them in their home lands.

Yea, I said losers. And when you see some of them, well, it's hard not to call them that. Especially when you see some of the age gaps! But then again, it's how everyone is spun by the production that makes things 'fun' to watch.

There was one fellow in the spinoff, 'Before the 90 Days,' Paul, who traveled to foreign lands and had taken so many precautionary supplies and suits that it was almost a tragedy. And he was a serious mamma's boy, emotionally protected and other various shortcomings. No, his girl bolted later on.

Then there's the tragedies of this latest season airing right now.

David and Evelyn: Evelyn is from New Hampshire and seems to be quite the control freak, as she looks down her nose at everyone she talks to. At one point she even made the statement that it's harder to have arguments with David because now she just can't hang up the phone.

At times it feels like she's doing her best to use the show to help further her "singing" career.


Aika and Josh: At first I thought these two were going to be the more normal of all the couples this season but then Josh is loving his little super-model like fiancee from foreign lands, but he's having issues with her idea of wanting babies right away. He looks like he's panicking about the idea of having to be a daddy once again. Never mind the process of reversing his tied tubes!


Molly and Luis: Molly's daughter seems to have it all figured out and hates Luis, but Luis was pretty happy at first but is getting tired of being step-dad and wants out to enjoy some night life. Molly is starting to have her own issues, but keeps saying she understands the cultural differences. But does she?


Elizabeth and Andrei: This one is an interesting pairing. Elizabeth seems willing to do anything he wants including potentially not going out with the girls for 'girls nights out.'  But then there was when we first met Andrei and how the show had him brag in his intro session that he can beat any man up. That's not necessarily a quality one wants to share but was an interesting one that the show decided to share. Then there's Elizabeth's dad and sisters. Wow. Dad is a bit of a head-butting butt-head and her sisters seem to be acting like assholes while they dress to the nines when they're on TV.


Azan and Nicole: OMG...  Nicole is one hell of a peach. As Azan calls it, Nicole is lazy, if you count not ever working out and sleeping in until 4pm as lazy. But that was last season, This season, it looks like she's working at it. This season is making Azan look like the bad guy as he's having a hard time dealing with her cheating and not being able to talk about it.


David and Annie: What in theee f---? I totally feel bad for Annie. Sure, her family milked David for all kinds of money for her endowment, but then we started seeing the real problems that David has. Where do we start? David's drinking problem and his fervent denial of it? Or do we want to address how David is the poorest American to ever try to woo a foreign sweetheart? OMG, sure, he used to have nice houses and cars, but dude, apparently you have nothing now, and poor Annie just doesn't quite get it. But she's catching on.


Jorge and Anfisa from 90 Day Fiancee, now repped by talent agencies

In the previous season, the biggest train wreck was Jorge and Anfisa. Wowza, was he a clusterfuck! Yes, Anfisa was a gold digging Russian, but the poetic part about that was that she was always upfront about it. Then Jorge started pulling his little lies, starting with how he got her to the U.S., then one little lie after another. And my favorite part was how every time he got caught in a lie or fabrication and Anfisa would call him on it, he would start blaming her or someone else for the clusterfuck he made. He was truly quite the loser.

BTW: Jorge and Anfisa have signed on with a talent agency that reps folks like the Kardashians and Jersey Shore folks, so we may be seeing more of these two somewhere else on TV.

Or it could have been Danielle and Mohamed. Both of whom had some serious issues individually but together, oh my, what a grand train wreck. At first it was mostly Danielle's need to have a man in her life and she would not let go. But then Mohamed started generating his own issues, like when he started making excuses for not having sex with her, to seeing other women in Florida to oh, god, all kinds of curious developments. But Danielle's near stalkery mode was something else.

Until they topped off Jorge and Danielle with penniless David.

You've been warned, but it is one hell of a guilty pleasure to watch as other people have a more miserable go at it than the viewer! Watch it if you dare!

But as one past participant from the show said:

“As a K-1 holder, I am ashamed of what they show on 90 Day FiancĂ©.  They want to make us look bad, making the public believe we won’t get married in the end. They show more fights than love, they want great ratings. Being on TV is good because you get paid just to be an idiot, but with the money, come the crazies, the stalkers, the liars..."

But that's true about most reality TV shows... lots of drama, little script writing.

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