AGENTS of SHIELD S5 Weird New Suspicious Location

Question: How do you divert all questions concerning Agents of SHIELD showing up in any more Marvel movies? See answer below!

Spoilers will exist beyond this point, if you're a time-shifted viewer!

I see with the new season of Agents of SHIELD, they have put our heroes inexplicably way out in the future where humanity is being herded by the Kree in a space station hovering over the wrecked husk of what's left of Earth. Bam... that's how you divert those pesky questions about a show ABC wanted to cancel but Disney would not let them!

At first it was just out of the blue that an alien-led task force kidnaps our SHIELD heroes and then subjects them to a white obelisk that apparently transports them through time. Onto a space station run by the Kree.

It's yet another weird setting our agents find themselves in. Last season was that stupid-ass Matrix-like world that they were stuck in. Now we find them stuck in space, working as part of a slave crew, in a setting we're still trying to learn about.

Maybe I'm a jilted Marvel fan, but as far as I see it, sending our SHIELD agents so far into the future, over a wrecked planet Earth definitely eliminates the need for Marvel Television and Marvel Movies from having to make some piss-poor timing excuses for why we never see Coulson or anyone from the show in any of the Marvel movies.

And last week Clark Gregg was even noted to saying that The Avengers have forgotten about Coulson and they still presume him dead and have moved on.  That's a good company man, supporting his bosses desires to address an issue.

That's my thought, that's all.

If you must, here's the trailer for season five of Agents of SHIELD:

Aaand since we're chatting Agents of SHIELD, check out the wonderful Honest Trailers treatment of the first season.

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