HOUSE OF CARDS Resumes Production Next Year WITHOUT Kevin Spacey

Robin Wright in HOUSE OF CARDS, replacing Spacey

Netflix is moving ahead with production of the final season of House of Cards, but without the main lead, Kevin Spacey. (It's awesome/amazing how past deeds can have an impact on present day!)

The sixth season will star Robin Wright, will only have eight episodes, and it will be the final season of the series.

This season was completely scripted up and ready to go when we suddenly started hearing about alleged sexual misconduct reports about the lead, Kevin Spacey. At first production shut down, looking to make decisions about moving forward or not. Then they extended their shutdown a few more times, until now, where they're reporting that production will resume in early 2018.

It's such a shame... House of Cards was Netflix's first original content show from the streaming studio and it was a huge hit. Over the last five years, it received 46 Emmy nominations and achieved six wins.

This update follows what Ridley Scott did with a completed film that starred Spacey: Completely removed him from the finished product, replaced him with Christopher Plummer, and reshot everything that had Spacey in it. That's crazy. This was for All the Money in the World. Kudos to Scott.

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