The Day After Christmas, And All Through The Web, A Snarky Post

It's the day after Christmas and I thought I'd scroll around the web to see what's up... here's a few headlines, some link bait headlines and some of my sarcastic observations for the day... Headlines followed by [ my commentary ].

-A Deadpool animated series is coming to FXX in 2018 - [OK, that IS a good headline. I'm down with that.]

-Netflix is bringing back the 80s iconic Princess of Power, She-Ra - [That could be good. It depends. It was a spinoff but Netflix did great stuff with the Voltron animated series.]

Going over other headlines, you just have to laugh at the link-bait:

-Rian Johnson was worried about something he changed in The Last Jedi - [OK, nevermind that the original title gave away a spoiler that I filtered out for you, but then again, a good writer never fears their choices.]

-Mark Hamill regrets his comments about that not being 'his Luke Skywalker.' - [It's OK Mark... we all know (IMHO) it was just a marketing ploy to give the film extra marketing buzz, along with this apology!]

-Articles about Ridley Scott's desperate plea to direct a Star Wars film by saying he's too dangerous for Disney. - [LOL. I kind of already sarcast-icized the headline. Sorry.]

[As you can see, Star Wars is really populating the web with all kinds of fun and interesting perspectives.]

-An older piece being pushed about how fans are starting a website who want Zack Snyder's version of Justice League - [OMG, let it go people. The film was released, Snyder was fired for a reason.  Remember, Just because Snyder ... confuses length with depth, complexity with intelligence, and self-absorbed downers with heroism... doesn't mean we all want to see that!]

-'x' films to see in 2018 - [Why? Because we can't think for ourselves?]

-Some actor wants to play "x" in "y." - [I love stories about actors who want a job. As if they have a choice in their jobs!]

-There's an article about a film franchise sequel being cancelled, based off some Reddit source, three months old. [Link bait, but the title was enticing enough to probably get plenty of people clicking.]

-An interesting piece based on fan theories and speculations. - [I love articles about thin-veiled fantasy speculation.]

-Actors visiting children's hospitals for Christmas...  - [OK, that's nice. But would they if it wouldn't be covered in the press?]
-The mythology of a film explained - [Because we're f*ing idiots and can't watch a film for ourselves.]

-Fan-made movie posters - [Sometimes fans do great work.]
OK, that's enough fun for one night. Heck maybe even for a week or two, right?

Everyone have good holidays!
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