THE WALKING DEAD Death From The Mid-Season Finale

HUGE SPOILERS for the time-shifted viewer

If you caught the mid-season "finale" of AMC's The Walking Dead, then you saw that closing scene of the worse season of The Walking Dead to date...

- Now's your chance to turn away...


Carl had a bite mark on his side, and I was presuming that it was a walker's bite. That means that Carl is dead.

We never saw it happen, it just showed up, so I was presuming we would get a whole episode in the second half of the season to spell out what happened. Or maybe...  it wasn't a walker's bite. A fan can hope, right?

But then today it would seem that Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) father went off and made a lot of noise about how Chandler got fired by AMC and the showrunner, Scott Gimple.

Well, so much for that suspense.

But I found it interesting that this was in the news the very next day. Usually behind the scenes drama doesn't show up for days or weeks. But the next day? As if, almost, on cue.

So here are the confusing issues:

Carl lives on in the comics. And even though he is alive in the comics, this would not be the first time they mucked with living and dead characters.

According the now deleted Facebook post of his dad's, Chandler was told he would be on the show for the next three years, but then, said he was disappointed that Gimple fired his son. And that he (the dad) never trusted the network or Gimple. He doesn't say why he never trusted them but that's the gist of it.

It's odd that we get a baseless spat of blame. But this does set us up for one hell of a return/premiere episode of the second half of the season. Much like when Glenn was appearing to be dead and trampled by walkers.

I can't imagine they're dicking with us with a fake bite and fake complaint, but hey, we can hope.


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