Netflix STASIS (2017) Movie Review: Gads No

STASIS film review, a NETFLIX offering

So the other day I got a notification from Netflix suggesting I might like Stasis, since I happened to like other things. And watching this horrid film brough to mind a few things, some of which are, where the hell does Netflix get it's review ratings from, and how in the HELL did they think I would like this film???


But I digress, let's talk about the film Stasis...  It's a 90-minute film that might be about 70 minutes too long, and stars just about noone I've ever heard of,

Anna Harr,
Mark Grossman,
Phyllis Spielman,
Tiana Masaniai,
Caleb Thomas,

And a bunch of other folks, in a film about the world after billion of people have died from an attack, leaving the Cabal in charge of society and the rebels, trying to travel back in time to fix or stop the genocide of humanity.

It's written and directed by Nicole Jones-Dion, whose resume includes a lot of short films and one Dracule: The Dark Prince, starring Luke Roberts and Jon Voight, but it got a 3.8 on IMDb.


The opening scene shows two weary travelers walking across a desolate landscape, acting stiffly but carrying the scene moderately passable. Then they meet the man they travelled to see and he sends them back in time.

The trick to going back in time is that the person is sent back, but they end up inhabiting someone else's body to effect their assignment, while, if they don't like their skinjob, can bounce around to another one until they like what or who they got.

But then there's another aspect of the film, and apparently something either goes wrong with the time jump or this is normal, I'm not sure because it wasn't fully explained, because...

In 2017 after a night out of partying, a teenageer named Ava sneaks back home only to find that she's already safe in bed. But that's not her, it's someone that looksl ike her. And Ava herself can't be seen by anyone. She's a spirit, ghost or what ever the frack she is.

But the confusing part is that Ava is stuck as a ghost and she ends up helping the Cabal (they can see her) find her real body, helping them put a stop to this madness of body piracy. But obviously, she's messing things up by doing that.

Now that last paragraph was an after-viewing-this-horrid-film synopsis, because while watching the film, you have no clue that she's going to do that... she's more of a hapless victim confusin the shit out of the viewer.

The entire story is followed via looking back and putting it together because you sure as hell aren't really brought up to speed as or before you watch anything.

There's a reason Stasis has a 3/10 on IMDb. And it's my first 'popcorn 3,' ever.

The only bright side to all the stiff acting was being introduced to Tiana Masaniai. I can only assume she was restricted in her talents by the creative forces making the film and if so, here's hoping she moves on and up in the world of acting. She's like the reboot or young version of Tia Carrere!

I hate saying this, but don't burn your time on this film... you've been warned.

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