What Will The Fourth AVENGERS Film Be Named?

If you all remember, when the third and fourth Avengers movies were originally announced, they were titled Infinity War Parts 1 and 2. And those titles took for a while. Then some time later Marvel/Disney took a step back and redacted the title of the fourth Avengers film, so now it's only known as the fourth unnamed Avengers film. Yet every reference to these next two films are done in conjunction with each other, as events in one film lead into them, and then the next Spider-Man film after the fourth Avengers film will be influenced by events from the fourth film.

Which has me wondering because lately, as we all now know, filming for the fourth Avengers film recently wrapped and a few actors have referred to this film as Infinity War part 2.

Whether these references are just lapses in awareness of the new film name or a lapse in the marketing subterfuge that is being played out by Disney, who knows. We'll know for sure when the actual title of the film is released.

I can't help but reflect back on the original public announcement of the film titles and then a peer of mine got to thinking out loud about this situation.  What they more or less said was...

What if Avengers Infinity War is a cliff-hanger film that will lead to the fourth film?

And that's when I started to ponder things.

You see, when The Hunger Games split the last book into two films, I quit watching the franchise at the movie theater. In fact, I have yet to  see the third and fourth films. Not by intent, but it just happened that way since I was not going to let the studios manipulate me into spending twice the money to see the final book made into film.

Then other franchises have done the same thing and that turns off any and all interest for me.

So here's the thing...  Is Marvel trying to avoid pissing off people like me by not making it clear that this third film will be a cliff-hanger to a fourth film? I SERIOUSLY hate movies that are cliff-hangers. Period.

I've been a faithful Marvel movie fan ever since Iron Man, even the languishing Thor films (Until Ragnarok). But I swear, if Infinity War is a cliff-hanger, I might very well quit worrying about making it to the movie theaters for future Marvel movies.  I mean, they've done a great job with what they've done and I've been very appreciative of their efforts, but I'm on a thinning bubble about paying out to see more Marvel films. A cliff-hanger ending will pretty much help me kick my habit.

What's my issue with cliff-hangers?  Movies should be stories in and of themselves. Period. This is not television where a cliff-hanger will be resolved in a week and treating it such is a massive disrespect of the movie-going fan as they manipulate you into shoveling out more money for a single story.

I see it as cheap tactics. I hope that's not the case, but it sure is starting to smell like that. I HOPE I AM WRONG though, but it doesn't take much for me to decide when and where to spend my money out there in the realm of movie theaters.

Though there is one thing I've recently seen that had me thinking on this even more...  Kevin Feige referencing their entire 22-film arc of Marvel movies between prior and upcoming years, as one ongoing story arc.

Hmm. Food for thought.


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