2018 Comic Con Lists Updated on Cinema Static

Hey gang, I was slacking a bit but I finally updated my list of Comic-Con Conventions and put it on a brand new page to the site.

The list is pretty long, but I've sorted it by first showing the comic-cons that are the biggest, via attendance numbers. (Time to make those travel plans! If any of the others are anything like Comic-Con, San Diego, well, then you know how impossible it is to be a new visitor and get tickets or hotel rooms. But there are ways to enjoy the event, even if you don't have tickets for either!*)

After that, I show you a list of Wizard World conventions, and after that, I pulled together a bit list of a lot of smaller conventions. They're not tiny events, but rather, the ones that aren't quite lucky enough to get those huge numbers of visitors the big ones get.

Then I list the Creation Events conventions, which pull together great events based around shows like Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, Riverdale, Star Trek, Stranger Things, & The Originals, The Vampire Dairies and more.

But the bottom line, these events are great places to go show your fan appreciation, expertise or what not of your favored fantasy, sci-fi or action-hero franchise.

Cinema Static Comic Con Events

*So how can you enjoy sold-out Comic-Cons? It's actually easier than you think, if the city, like San Diego, has the right kind of infrastructure, you can always take the train or bus from a distant point, get off in downtown, and hang out in the Gas Lamp district of San Diego. Sure, you can't get into the convention center, but if you hang out around the town, it's still an amazing experience, seeing all the cos-play, the different themed restaurants, and sometimes, even catch the stars that are having public appearances around the city.


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