Alex Trebek, Returns To Taping "Jeopardy" After Brain Surgery

A while back in early-January I had reported that Alex Trebek was on medical leave but was mending and will be back to Jeopardy soon. He's a tough cookie, considering that his video message that he left fans on the Jeopardy YouTube channel, he said he had a...

"Some of you may have heard by now that during the holiday break, I had a slight medical problem: a subdural hematoma, blood clots on the brain caused by a fall I endured about two months ago," Trebek, 77, said in the video.

Turns out that Alex took a fall a few months ago, and as a result, developed some issues with these blood clots.

He had brain surgery in December.

The plans were to return to filming Jeopardy in mid-January. Which in fact, it was reported on January 17th that he did return to taping Jeopardy and was joking about entire brain endeavor!

Yep, one tough cookie.

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