AMAZING RACE: Team Big Brother Are Sanctimonious Asses

AMAZING RACE: Team Big Brother Are Asses

So I've been watching this latest season/series of The Amazing Race, and we have the team of Cody and Jessica from Big Brother. These two fell in love on the show, Big Brother, and are now on Amazing Race competing here.  On Big Brother Cody was such an anti-social ........, that I was surprised he even got on the show.

But this is more of an individual kind of event and they're doing pretty good in The Amazing Race.

A few weeks ago they were the first team to use what's called a "U Turn," forcing one team to do an extra task or race challenge. Usually, getting U-turned is fatal to your race.

They were pretty defiant about doing this too, and to be honest, it fit my expectations of their personalities.

The following week, someone (Team Ocean Rescue) U-Turned Big Brother. Big Brother started this trend and the other teams recognized that this is a valid game tactic to use. Not to mention, they all got tired of these two.

But even though Big Brother was U-Turned, and they were surprised and taken aback that they were U-Turned. Yet they managed to survive to the next leg of the challenge.

Then on the next leg, Team Ocean Rescue (Lucas & Brittany) lost their passports and got delayed. While they were scrambling to find it, Jessica from team Big Brother got pretty snide, saying Karma struck earlier than it should.

WTF beotch? You two were the first to U-Turn someone, so if anything, Karma should be taking a huge shit on your heads too!

But they are like those kinds of people that will screw over people then shrug their shoulders as if nothing wrong happened, when people call them on it.

Meh... At least I have something to "root" for in The Amazing Race, right?

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