"Bachelor Winter Games" Was A Refreshing Spin on The Franchise

"Bachelor Winter Games" A Refreshing Spin

Well, The first even Bachelor Winter Games from ABC was a fun twist on their usual couples finding each other series, like their summer island show, Bachelor in Paradise. But the added fun were the contests they held, from the downhill skiing to ice dancing. These contests were comedic relief and just plain fun to watch.

On top of that, ABC drew other participants from around the world, what with their mysterious allure and sexy accents.

What surprised me was that this time around, Ashley did not end up balling all the time, but rather, found THAT man that she's been pining for after all these years on the show. Of course, then, she did have those "happy tears" near the end but they don't count!

AND YES, Ashley wanted that fantasy suite night!!!

This was the best sign ever, from the Bachelor franchise,
"Ashley Don't Give IT Up!"

I think ABC did go a bit far when they held the kissing contest, and then, to chase a girl into the bathroom and film her throwing up because she was so nervous about kissing on demand! Come on guys, really?

The other surprise was how the foreign men were more so upfront about serious about their relationships than the American men have ever been on this franchise.

Even the elimination nights were unique in how they were executed.

But all in all, that last episode, the couples that were left seemed pretty connected and all cute together.

Even though this series was in honor of the Winter Olympics, I hope they continue this winter games version of The Bachelor. The fun, the contests of people who could not ski or skate, were all a blast!

Of course, congrats to the first winners of The Bachelor Winter Games, Kevin and Ashley. But it looks like the remaining four couples were all winners.

For once, a real fun Bachelor show.

The "Tell All" follow up episode was pretty interesting, especially with the excuses that Luke was tossing around for why he totally disappeared on Stassi. I feel really bad for Stassi.

And there was that surprise couple and proposal after all was said and done for Benoit and Clare.

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