Book Review of HANDRO by Travis Mohrman

Book Review of HANDRO by Travis Mohrman

Every now and then I come across a story that is fairly straightforward and fun. In this case, that story is Handro, written by Travis Mohrman.

If you've ever been a fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs titular character, Tarzan, and enjoyed all 24 books in the series, you may very well find yourself liking this book from Travis Mohrman.

Handro is tough, mostly solitary and focused on his chosen path in life.

After reading this title, I found out it is the fourth book in a series called Path, but not knowing that as I started reading it, I did not find myself lacking for any outside input.

Handro is a man on a journey, looking for life outside his village in this oddly Earth-like realm.

Reading the tale of Handro is a fairly smooth read, nothing too technical nor too simple, but just right, like a good mattress.

It is like reading about the classic hero character who has a bit of a journey with mystery, intrigue and outright confrontation once he gets to it.

The world he exists in is familiar and yet, is not. (Maybe that's better explained in the book series this character exists in, but for now, I'm enjoying the mystery of the time and/or location.)

I enjoyed the book as a fun quick read.

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