"Magnum PI" Is Alive Again In A Reboot on CBS

Well, it's happening again, again being the key word.

CBS Ordered Magnum, P.I. and Cagney & Lacey Reboot Pilots. I swear, it seems like CBS is the new code for reboot and revival and 'we can't come up with anything new for you!'

It's so disappointing to see how those in Hollywood can't seem to generate content they feel will actually grab our attention and imaginations. Instead, they redo popular titles in the hopes it will resonate with the younger generation with some tweaking and sexy casting, while grabbing the eyes of the older generation that grew up watching these older titles.

Every now and then it works, but it seems to be happening more and more these days with all the different titles that keep popping up around here these days.

Well, I'm sure some of the older generation will think there's no replacing Tom Selleck, but they have the same guy writing this redo that heralded Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver back to the modern day small screen.

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