The Staged Crap From Arie and "The Bachelor"

So Arie Luyendyk Jr. did on The Bachelor, what was done once before, and that was to change his mind and change girls. Jason did it some years back, but then, it was a one-night surprise. But this time around, ABC was ready and MILKED the break up between Arie and Becca by showing us for nearly two hours, content that could have taken about 10 or 15 minutes. And making it a two-night event.

The breakup itself felt so f*ing fake. Why?

Arie had reached out to Lauren before this season even aired.

Watching this breakup, just how often are couples followed by cameras right after the show? I've never seen that before. But somehow, they were there live while Arie pulled the rug out from under Becca's feet. And then they spent half an hour watching Arie NOT LEAVE the house after he said he would leave.

Man did ABC draw that out and then they told us the ABC rearranged their TV schedule for Tuesday night to air the continuation of this dramatic ratings maker.

I honestly don't believe it was that big of a surprise since ABC made this a two-night event. And now, miraculously, in less than 24 hours, fans were buying billboards in support of Becca. Wow, that was fast.

Or staged yet again.

Then there's this tell-all piece about how producers of the show manipulate contestants into saying things or keeping track of certain things to make sure they got the women in their most emotional state.

Like this:

"“I was saying lines verbatim from producers because I’d been sitting in a stupid room for an hour and just wanted to go,” he told Kaufman. “You would say something you totally didn’t even believe or want to say, but they just keep asking you and asking you and asking you — just like you’re being interrogated.”"

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So the entire season of The Bachelor was fakery, because Arie called Lauren on New Year's Eve, before this season premiered.

Then there's this quote from Reality Steve:

"the reputation of a womanizing playboy who reportedly cheated on pretty much all his girlfriends and could never commit to one girl. "


I know you'll find it a shock, but with her GREAT back story that we will be pummeled with over and over, Becca is the next Bachelorette. And they are already introducing her to guys from her upcoming season.

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