Tough Mons in 'Pokemon GO' Aren't Good Attackers, But...

Tough Mons in 'Pokemon GO' Aren't That Good

Have you ever noticed that when you come across a Pokemon GO pocket monster that's tough to catch, it turns out to be a PoS? Yea, that seems to be my latest observation too. Heck, even some the Raid Bosses aren't top-notch monsters at times! They're good, but sometimes, well, there's that. But my point to make is to not get too caught up when you are trying to capture a Pocket Monster that is tough to catch!

The issue is that when a pocket monster has a red targeting ring, as far as I can tell, that means that it has fantastic or at least tough defensive values or movesets. As far as what kind of attack values it has remains to be seen until you catch it. And each monster apparently has a specific pattern in how you catch it, but that's for another day.

But for me, the wild Pocket Monsters (PMon) in Pokemon GO that gives me a red ring when I try to catch it ends up showing me average and below average set of IVs. (Individual Values). Or, the usual random numbers that pop up to make the PMon less desirable to keep.

This is why, as part of my "playing for free" scheme, I've decided to never or rarely throw more than three Poke balls at any monster. Usually. We have the basic red Poke balls, the Blue/Red Great Balls and the Yellow-Blue colored Ultra Balls. I may throw more basic balls but I am pretty dead set on limiting how many Great and Ultras I throw.

The reason I came up with the "Three ball rule," was simple. Early on when I was playing Pokemon Go, I had noticed that sometimes, it did not matter how many balls or what kind I threw at a monster, it would end up running away. I once tossed a whole bag of balls at a mon, and it still walked.

I'm a bit flexible on the count limit, but it's usually three and any combination of ball, though I do tend to stick with the basic balls first because I've captured pretty decent 1800+ CP PMons with them. It's not a common occurrence, but it happens enough.  On occasion, I do use up to five, but since it's such a grind getting supplies, I make it worth my while if I get out of control.

BUT... if you come across something you need, then start big with a Razzberry and a Great or Ultra ball to make sure you have the best chances to get it, But keep it mellow. You don't need every single creature you see... just the ones you decide you want on your team.


One day, I decided to test a theory. I spotted a wild PMon I really wanted (back then) and it took me a few minutes to get to it. Then I started out with my Ultra Balls, but after four or five, it kept popping out. I swapped down to my Great Balls, but the same effect.  Each time I was mixing up curves and straight shots, mixed with Razz Berries or what not. Then I started throwing the standard red balls at it. Still nothing.

After about 50+ different Poke ball tosses, it ran away.

My guess is that it may have run away (technically) before I got too deep into the catch, but the game kept me around throwing balls at it. Then of course I would need more balls and IF I were liberal with my dollars I probably would have bought stuff. Back then though, Niantic was making a million a day off folks with that mindset.

Not me.

I mean just now, I was being floored by a 100 CP Torchic that would not be caught. So fuck it! I hit that little running man figure and get out before I toss too many balls at it.

But tossing balls at PMons is a great way to control your inventory count when your bag starts getting close to too full.

For me, generally speaking, some of the toughest catches (red rings, etc.) tend to turn out to be crap offensive monsters. And what's the point of strong defensive monsters with how the gym system works? The only advantage to tough defensive values is if you have an ass-kicking attacker too, then you can look a Raid Boss straight in the face, yelling, "Come at me Bro!!!"  You might look a little odd yelling that at that empty space in the park, but you catch my drift.

But because of how I look to stack up my Pocket Monsters for attacking with some defensive natures in mind, in the last two days I've been able to take down and catch a Slowbro and Exeggutor Raid Boss on my own. The Slowbro cut it close, when I was down to my last player, very little life left and four seconds to spare, but boom! Thank god I had an overabundance of Jolteons!

Any way, food for thought. Pokemon Go thoughts!

Next up in my Pokemon Go series of pieces is how I am successfully playing the game totally for free.

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