Trailers for "Fahrenheit 451," "Pacific Rim 2" And Some "Lobo" Noise!

DCs Lobo film, may get Michael Bay directing

Have you seen the HBO Fahrenheit 451 (2018) Official Teaser with Michael B. Jordan & Michael Shannon yet?

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Pacific Rim 2's IMAX Trailers... Need I say more? (Though it seems like they might be giving a lot of fight scenes away in that last clip, but who knows.)

First Trailer...

Pacific Rim Trailer #2

A bonus IMAX Trailer with lots of fighting...

As Honest Trailers puts it, It is either "The most awesome dumb movie ever made" OR " The dumbest awesome movie ever made!!!" ..."Staring things your inner nine-year-old will love!"

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There's word on the street that Michael Bay might direct a Lobo comic-based film for DC. Lobo is a pretty bad-ass character, with lots of super strength and is afraid of nothing while he rides his space-Harley around the cosmos. (Fantasy Cast Dream: Man, this would be the perfect role for Dwayne Johnson!)

But if it will ever happen, who knows. The film premise has been sitting around collecting dust for quite some time. But today, the technology is there, the right attitude is there, and all you need is the right people.

My only worry is if Bay will treat Lobo like he does his Transformers films, with horrid editorial end results. We'll see.

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James Gunn Did Some Weird Backpedaling!

In the first Guardians of the Galaxy, we saw Groot pretty much sacrifice himself to save the team, and later, we watched a twig from what was left of him, get planted and sprout into our new, cute, Groot in the second Guardians of the Galaxy film.

Not once was it mentioned in the second film that this was NOT our original Groot.

Recently director James Gunn was helping settle a debate, when he blurted out that Baby Groot is Groot's son.

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