AHS, BATWOMAN, A BUFFY VAMPIRE SLAYER Reboot Done Right, And A Few More Things

So if you had not heard yet, American Horror Story's upcoming season is going to be titled Apocalypse.


The CW is working on a Batwoman series. In this rendition, she will be a lesbian and a girl hell bent on delivering justice. The character will be introduced during the annual CW crossover event next December. (I'll probably miss that, since the last two had a ton of potential, but were just rushed through episodes

So in order to catch a larger demographic of TV watcher, they're modernizing the character a bit and of course the "traditionalists," those who have a hard time changing with the tide, are making waves.  (Huh, that was not an intended pun)

It's like when folks got sticks up their butts bout Col. Fury in The Avengers or Heimdel, in the Thor movies, being cast as black. I never took note, but others really had issues with this minor nuances.

I don't think it spoke or speaks well of some folks when they get wound up about such minor or insignificant changes to a character, but hey, that's the internet for you.


Yes, a Buffy, the Vampire Slayer series "reboot" is coming at us from 20th Century Fox Television (Soon to be another Disney entity). The "remake" will be from Joss Whedon himself, so it should ROCK! I love that he's coming back to TV.

Now early reports, and what I noted in quotes, was that this was going to be a reboot, but the only thing being rebooted is the franchise itself and the money they're hoping to make.

When it was first announced over a year ago that Fox was thinking of doing this "reboot," boy did the Whedonverse get wound up. There was no way they were going to be able rekindle the dynamic excellence that the original series had.

It wasn't a bad opinion.

But whether Fox had originally planned it this way or Fox subversively altered their plans on the fly during the maelstrom of reactions to the news, the showrunner released a statement saying that "...there could ever be only one Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles, etc., and that it's now twenty years later and it's time to meet a new slayer."

After that statement, there seems to be more of a general anticipation now of the new series, especially with Whedon directly attached.

The showrunner is Monica Owusu-Breen and her resume includes
Midnight Texas,
Agents of Shield,
Brothers & Sisters,
Alias &

**[Oh god... memories of Tracy Spiridakos horrible acting ruining an otherwise great story just kicked in!)

So as you can see, as an executive producer and writer, she's been attached to a myriad of successful/popular shows over the years, so this seems like a natural extension of her career, and to be honest, this too builds a sense of anticipation, as I wonder what her collaboration with Whedon will bring us.

Not to mention that this won't just be a cheap franchise reboot as an effort to nab old fans, but rather, a continuation of the franchise with the same creator!

There's one other thing to consider... Joss has been writing Buffy comics ever since the show ended, so he's been developing the world/ideas constantly. It won't just be a sit-down, let's grind out new ideas kind of process... I'm guessing he's got ideas already percolating.

I'm excited... what about you?



In other tidbits of news...

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger was renewed by Freeform for a second season. Makes sense, considering the premiere of the series was the most watched episode in over two years.


If you've been watching YouTube shows, they renewed Impulse for a second season.


The Man in the High Castle got renewed for a 4th season by Amazon.


HGTV renewed My Lottery Dream Home, with the next season premiering on September 21st and the new season that just received the renewal nod to start production in January.


Nickelodian is looking to bring back Rugrats. They'll be hitting up fans with a 26-episode run from Nickelodeon, and a live-action movie with CGI characters from Paramount.

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Colony was 'let go' by USA Network. There will be no fourth season.

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