Sam Worthington in THE TITAN on Netflix

The Netflix film, The Titan stars Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling (Orange Is The New Black), Tom Wilkinson in a film directed by Lennart Ruff in his first directorial effort.

The story is about how humanity has finally really done it to Earth and we have to move, like now. But there is nothing or nowhere for us to go, except for the possibility of redesigning human genetic DNA to be able to survive on the surface of Titan, the moon of Saturn.

Rick Janssen (Worthington), is chosen to be one of a few military participants of a test plan because of his natural ability to survive in harsh environments without food or water. They were looking for tough people to inject this genetic modification test into.

But as the testing starts up, things happen and participants start to show signs or issues of negative effects, as they get nasty and start acting out. But the problem is that as they start to act out, they've also been changing, getting stronger, more hostile and in some cases, more deadly.

Janssen manages to last longer than the other study participants but even he starts to act different, even as he starts to look different and things get tense, all the while, despite everyone's grave concerns, his wife Abi (Schilling) believes in him and is not afraid.

In the end...

Oh no you don't... I am NOT giving up what happens in the third act of this somewhat predictable and mildly boring film! Nope, not gonna do it.

But what I am going to say is that if you're a Sam Worthington fan, I don't think you will mind the first two acts of the film, though in the third act, I'm not sure it's him we're watching, considering how much he changes physically, but none-the-less, I think he potentially elevates this film from sheer boring to at least mildly interesting to watch.

But the story does leave some curious questions in the head, but that's for you to discover. Right? Maybe?

Now it's true, I watched this while on a commuter train, which has an odd effect in that this environment makes everything really seem better than it really is, but it helped me get through one long, boring train ride.

Let's get real... it got 4.8/10 on IMDb, while the Rotten Tomatoes critics gave it a whopping 17%, but they're always pretty harsh on things but you've been warned if you go off and look for this film.

The Titan is not horrible, but it's a nice, predictable sci-fi action flick to pass the time with.

Worthington delivers a subtle and quiet kind of character, while Schilling somehow evaded my recognizing her from OITNB. SMH.

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