Netflix' EXTINCTION Review - Surprising

Netflix' EXTINCTION Film Review - Refreshing

Netflix Extinction stars Michael Peña, Lizzy Caplan, Amelia Crouch, Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and is directed by Ben Young (Hounds of Love, Trapped). This would seem to be Young's first big directorial project and he didn't do too bad at all.

-> A father (Pena) has a recurring dream of losing his family. His nightmare turns into reality when the planet is invaded by a force bent on destruction. Fighting for their lives, he comes to realize an unknown strength to keep them safe from harm.


The first act of Extinction shows Peter (Pena) trying to lead his day-to-day life but in the process, he's having weird or bad dreams that are interfering with the quality of his life. Most of the time they keep him up at night, and by association, his wife and kids. Other times he daydreams a bit at work as these nightmares kick in. At one point, he passes out and misses family night with his family, and that's when he decides to get help.

There's a group for folks that seem to have similar issues, though we're not privy to the premise that the other folks are having the same problem. That problem being that Peter is having dreams of an alien invasion.

He has nothing concrete to put his finger on and his delusional spells have his family and friends concerned. He even has moments where he thinks he sees something in the sky and starts asking people if they see it too, but to no avail.

He decides to go get help, but leaves the offices before he is called in for his therapy.

His visions, which we see, are sporadic and crazy. The bits and pieces that don't connect too many dots for the viewer, but none-the-less, they're compelling.

Then one night, while having some friends over for dinner, it happens. The invasion he dreamt of and feared, starts. Ships, missiles, bombs and then the foot troops start to infiltrate the buildings. Who ever survived the initial assault, is being systematically eliminated. When a group of humans take succor on a roof, the alien ship blasts the entire top floors to eliminate them, and so forth.

It's not pretty, but Peter was right. Tragically right, and his fight to protect his fmaily and survive kicks in for the rest of the film.



First up is that it's really nice to watch Michael Pena in a serious role, and second, this film started out in such a fashion that it pulled you right in. But as the first act started to wind down, you started feeling like, "Wow, I've seen this alien invasion flick before."

I almost started to get bored.

But the timing was just right and just as I was about to see the dull shadows of boredom leering its ugly head, things ramped up and the story took a twist that kept me motivated to not only keep watching but to figure out exactly what was going on and what the f! these aliens are!!!

All in all, the first act dug up some curiosity, the second act caught my attention and the third act truly delivered a fascinating story of alien invasion that I personally, had not seen coming. Dang!

I was going to slap a movie trailer in here, but I felt like the trailers were giving away more than I'd like to, if you want to be surprised, so for cryin' out loud, don't look up the trailers if you want to be surprised.

So if you have Netflix, dig this up and check it out. I think you too may be pleasantly surprised.

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